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problems with 'Submit to OLC' feature

Postby midtoad » Thu Aug 17, 2006 5:21 pm

I tested the 'Submit to OLC' feature from a Leonardo XC Server installation at It didn't work properly; here's why:

- the pilot name that I use on the track server is not identical to the name I use in OLC. In the latter I have to alter my name because I'm also in the sailplane OLC and you can't have the same name in both contests. This problem would not affect most pilots, though.
- the igc filename is mangled by Leonardo, and OLC complains about it. Instead of the 68g0sam1.igc that I uploaded, OLC received 68g1.igc. As a result, I had to upload the .igc file again to OLC. Funny though, the filename in the Leonardo flight details page is correct; it just mangled the name upon submitting it to OLC.
- the takeoff region in OLC is set to Greece (the nationality of the Leonardo author) rather than Canada
- the birthday format received by OLC is incorrect (it received 1955-04- but it needed 25.04.55)

Other problems:
- the map drawn by Leonardo is WAY off. I notice that it set the takeoff location to Gleichen. It appears that the Leonardo software only works on the basis of known takeoff locations. Since downtown Calgary is not on the list, it picked the closest takeoff location (the Gleichen towsite) and used that as a basis for drawing the map. The map drawn by OLC is however correct (see my submission for August 16th in the flexwing hang glider class).
- the 'open in Google Earth' icon works properly, however the track is not located properly in Google Earth (this appears to be a problem in Google Earth, where the tracklog is shifted north slightly from where it should be - I notice the same problem in if I switch from map view to satellite view.

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